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Ambition 4 Freedom

The Crypto industry is growing rapidly every day and soon will be a factor in everyone's lives.

A4F is a community for those looking to begin and evolve in the digital asset revolution.

We aim to better our future with a common goal of freeing up our time by learning to use our money as a tool.

Our goal is Financial Freedom.

Why Now?


The crypto industry is growing into mainstream use everyday as more and more corporations are looking to make their entrance into the Web3 era. We're here stepping into a digital revolution that will change the face of the entire world financial structure. You get to be ahead of the masses and take advantage of huge investment opportunities.

Web 3.0


Web 3.0 is a decentralized digital infrastructure. It's an internet that does not require us to hand over personal information to companies to use their services. All information is stored and powered by the public Blockchain.

Ambition 4 Freedom Philosophy

Freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want to do it.

In order to acquire that privilege, we believe that money is a tool to be used to bring us closer to the goal of having that freedom. Our ambition gives us the motivation to understand how we can trade our money for more time, not our time for more money.



Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) - is a digitized asset that is stored on the blockchain. NFT = Digital Proof of Ownership. Like a deed to a home or like a pink slip to a car, NFT to its core is the proof of ownership of virtual or digital assets.

Right now the growing trend for NFTs is pictures, art, and metaverse land. NFTs run a lot deeper than what most have already seen due to that anything can become an NFT.



Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a part of crypto that is geared towards building a new internet based version of finance that puts the power in the people's hands, and removes the control that banks and institutions have on money.

DEFI opens up opportunities to lend, borrow, and trade crypto. Earn huge interest on your money. Introducing ways to make passive income.


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Nzuzi Webster "Zeus"

Crypto Investor/Digital Asset Consultant

Nzuzi (Zoo-Zee) began his journey as a crypto investor in 2017 during the Bull Run with his first investment into Ethereum. Shortly after graduating college in 2018, he started day trading and got involved in the financial industry in 2019 at a financial firm. With multiple backgrounds and experience in these fields, he built the knowledge to understand the financial markets on both a technical and economic level.

Now that crypto has emerged into an industry of the future, he aspires to further educate those interested in cryptocurrency, financial literacy and blockchain technology. Connecting with his childhood friend Jalen in 2021, led to them to build the Ambition 4 Freedom platform to educate others and build a community around strategic ways to both innovate and take advantage of the Crypto/Web3 Space. Nzuzi is currently a Digital Asset Consultant and working in the Tech Sales Industry.


Jalen Evers-Threatt "CZND"

Crypto Investor/Business Engineer

(Creativity Consultant)

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Jalen started his journey as a entrepreneur in 2018 founding the brand "CZND"(Seasoned). While working through the devils of early entrepreneurship, he founded the non-profit organization "Plus A Heart" in 2020, which provides assistance to the homeless around the bay area. Also partnering with friends and family to begin a podcast called "THE FOE" (The Family Of Entrepreneurs). Shortly after he became a student of crypto and explored the space. He then extended his knowledge, re-connecting with a childhood friend Zeus in 2021, which led to them building the Ambition 4 Freedom platform to educate others and build a community around strategic ways to both innovate and leverage the Crypto/Web3 Space. Now he is looking to push the innovation of blockchain technology. Currently working in Tech Sales as a Digital Asset Consultant.

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